Make your photos look like a high-fashioned modelling photograph

Are you looking for any mobile app to edit your photograph? Here we have commuted few Android apps which perform photo editing. Now you do not have to think about any expensive camera for a stylish photograph in order to replace your blemishes, pimples or any face scars. Everyone needs some features and options to make your photos look amazing. Many brands launching their smartphones with amazing cameras by incorporating various technologies which can beat any DSLR, and downloading photography apps along with it make your pictures incredible. Check the list of the photography apps in order to make your picture incredible by removing all your scars, blemishes.


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Prisma app comes with 30-odd filters incorporated by popular artists in order to make changes in photos. To make your photo extraordinary, you can either select a photograph from your gallery or can capture from the app. Each and every selected picture is then filtered using artificial intelligence technology in order to make each picture look differently. You can upload this app from Google play store absolutely free of cost.

Face Tune

Face Tune is an amazing app used for photo editing which let you edit all your selfies and photographs present in your gallery or taken by you. You can download this app in order to make your photograph look like a high-fashioned modelling photograph. Face Tune lets you remove dark circles, escape all your blemishes, rejuvenate your picture, remove all scars, whiten your teeth, enlarge or shrink your face, highlighting your cheekbones, reshaping your eyebrows and many other changes you can make to make your picture beautiful.  This app lets you apply makeup like blush, eyeshadow, change lip color, adding artificial eyelashes and many others. You can make changes on any photo or selfie which can be either professional or social media pictures.


Fotor is one of the long lasting photo editing apps which comes with amazing editing tools including crop, rotation, contrast, brightness, adding shadow, exposure, highlights, and many other tools present in the app in order to enhance photographs. Download the Fotor app via Google play store to make your picture look amazing.





Play latest 3D games on your PC!!

If you are looking for PC games, then here we have listed few PC games which might help you in selecting the best games for your gaming list. Nowadays, many companies launching their PCs with high-end specs and features equipped with the powerful graphic card and the processor which make the game superior and deliver a cinematic experience. Check the list of popular PC games:



Doom is the most popular PC game which was released in May 2016. This action based game comes with FPS design where the fountains are exaggerated with devils blood where you have to kill all your enemies. Your main communication source is to punch things. This game was developed by id Software which comes with a price of $20 in the international market while you can buy this game in India at a price of 1300 INR.

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Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3 is a racing PC game which was released recently in the month of September 2016. If you are fond of racing the sports car or luxury car then this game is available for you by which you can enjoy racing the luxury cars. Here you can explore the roads and the surroundings of Australia. You can play and run cars in various modes present in the game by incorporating different race modes. You can choose your favorite car among various cars present in the game. This game is developed by Background.


FIFA 17 is an amazing football game which comes with an incredible presentation, upgraded career mode which makes the game superior. This is one of the best football games in 2016. The game offers powerful features to give you a cinematic experience. If you are fond of playing football then this game is for you. In this game, you can see many audiences who come to the stadium to cheer up the players. You can also view commentators who are commenting during the match. You can see more than 20 players in a game, some of them belong to your team and the others are your opponents.






WhatsApp vs Hike: Which one is better instant messaging app?

Both the apps are the most popular instant messaging app which let you connected with your friends, family members, and relatives by sending messages spontaneously. Nowadays, Hike is gaining popularity day by day in order to compete with popular messaging apps. Hike is now on the 6th position in the list of Android apps in gaining popularity in short period of time. So here we are comparing Hike app with WhatsApp:


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app as compared with other instant messengers. Many people who are using WhatsApp did not know Hike messenger as WhatsApp grabs the market of Android app towards itself from mouth to mouth promotion. Hike is not yet received so much popularity as compared with WhatsApp.


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Because many of the users using WhatsApp, you can talk with most of your friends, family members, and many other outsider easily and securely. But when we come to hike, we are not able to talk most of our previous batch mates as many people are still unaware of Hike messenger. Hence in terms of usability and network, WhatsApp is better than Hike.


You can access WhatsApp on your desktop or PCs via Chrome web browser whereas you cannot access Hike on your PCs as this app still not have this facility.


Hike is the only messenger by which you can have a conversation with your friend even when he or she is not online. You can send any messages, text, and pictures or anything to another person even if he is offline, whereas for communicating with another person you require an internet connection. You cannot chat with other person if he or she is offline.


Coming to the stickers, Hike comes with the wide collection of stickers which you can send it to your friends and other members. Stickers enhance your chatting process, you can express your feelings and emotions better using stickers, whereas WhatsApp also has stickers but not as many as Hike.

Hence both the apps are comparable, so you can select according to your needs.



Stay connected with your friends and family members with video calling apps

Looking for free video calling apps? Here we have listed few video calling apps which make your communication better with the other person sitting at a different place. For video calling, you require an android phone with amazing front camera and fast internet connectivity which can be either 3G/ 4G or Wi-Fi connectivity. You also need a video calling app which you can download from Google Play store. Check the best video calling Apps:


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Skype is one of the most popular video calling app which let you communicate face-to-face with your friends, relative, or any other person. You can download Skype absolutely free. You can not only perform video calling but this app lets you share pictures, videos, documents, files, and many other information. You can download this app on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs. You can go for video conferencing and online meetings via Skype. You can add up to 25 members in a single group conference and chat. You do not have to pay any extra charges for international video calling.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is another most prominent face-to- face calling app which you can download on your laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. This app lets you enjoy free video calling where you don’t have to pay any charges for video calling and messaging in your country or outside the country. You can connect with your friends, relatives, and any other outsider via Facebook Messenger. You can send text, messages on Fb messenger. You can also express your moods, feelings, and expressions by sending different smileys and various emotions on Facebook messenger. For video calling from the Facebook messenger, you need to add the phone number along with the other details. You can also go for group chats in order to share any important messages and conversation with many friends and colleagues at a single point in time.


IMO is the impressive and interesting video chat app which helps you connected with your friends, relatives, and other outsiders. All you need to have a good internet connection, a smartphone device, and lastly IMO app. This is the most rated video calling app among others which deliver good video calling quality. So download IMO to share pictures, videos, and other text as well as for video calling.





Skype Vs Viber Comparison, Which one is good ?

Skype is better than Viber?

Both these video calling apps are absolutely free you don’t have to pay any charges and cost in order to make a video call. Both the apps offer the same services with only a few differences which are mentioned below. You can make international calls using both the apps. You can share your emotions and feelings as well as photos and videos using both the video calling apps. If you want to select a single app among Viber or Skype then you can decide and compare both the apps on the basis of following criteria:


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Credentials needed

For skype, you have to provide the username and the password in order to open the skype. For this, you have to first create the username and the password on your device. For creating the details, you require your mobile phone for testing the account validity.

While in Viber, you do not have to create any account or username and password in order to open viber. All you need is to have a device with you by which you can go for video calling. So if you are a mobile user then Viber is the best app for you as compared to Skype.


On a popularity basis, Skype gained 4 times more popularity than the Viber. The popularity of Skype is may be because it is released earlier than the Viber. In order to gain more popularity, Viber needs some more years to become popular. So if you want to select one app among both on the basis of popularity then Skype is the best for you.


Video calling quality of the Skype is much better than the Viber quality in terms of video and voice. Skype uses HD voice feature and upgraded codec, whereas Viber is not as good as Skype. Employees are still working to enhance the quality of the video or voice. So on the basis of quality, Skype is the better option for you.

Hence, Skype is the better option as compared to Viber on the basis of the above criteria.