WhatsApp vs Hike: Which one is better instant messaging app?

Both the apps are the most popular instant messaging app which let you connected with your friends, family members, and relatives by sending messages spontaneously. Nowadays, Hike is gaining popularity day by day in order to compete with popular messaging apps. Hike is now on the 6th position in the list of Android apps in gaining popularity in short period of time. So here we are comparing Hike app with WhatsApp:


WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app as compared with other instant messengers. Many people who are using WhatsApp did not know Hike messenger as WhatsApp grabs the market of Android app towards itself from mouth to mouth promotion. Hike is not yet received so much popularity as compared with WhatsApp.


Image Source: techfreeks.com


Because many of the users using WhatsApp, you can talk with most of your friends, family members, and many other outsider easily and securely. But when we come to hike, we are not able to talk most of our previous batch mates as many people are still unaware of Hike messenger. Hence in terms of usability and network, WhatsApp is better than Hike.


You can access WhatsApp on your desktop or PCs via Chrome web browser whereas you cannot access Hike on your PCs as this app still not have this facility.


Hike is the only messenger by which you can have a conversation with your friend even when he or she is not online. You can send any messages, text, and pictures or anything to another person even if he is offline, whereas for communicating with another person you require an internet connection. You cannot chat with other person if he or she is offline.


Coming to the stickers, Hike comes with the wide collection of stickers which you can send it to your friends and other members. Stickers enhance your chatting process, you can express your feelings and emotions better using stickers, whereas WhatsApp also has stickers but not as many as Hike.

Hence both the apps are comparable, so you can select according to your needs.




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