Skype Vs Viber Comparison, Which one is good ?

Skype is better than Viber?

Both these video calling apps are absolutely free you don’t have to pay any charges and cost in order to make a video call. Both the apps offer the same services with only a few differences which are mentioned below. You can make international calls using both the apps. You can share your emotions and feelings as well as photos and videos using both the video calling apps. If you want to select a single app among Viber or Skype then you can decide and compare both the apps on the basis of following criteria:


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Credentials needed

For skype, you have to provide the username and the password in order to open the skype. For this, you have to first create the username and the password on your device. For creating the details, you require your mobile phone for testing the account validity.

While in Viber, you do not have to create any account or username and password in order to open viber. All you need is to have a device with you by which you can go for video calling. So if you are a mobile user then Viber is the best app for you as compared to Skype.


On a popularity basis, Skype gained 4 times more popularity than the Viber. The popularity of Skype is may be because it is released earlier than the Viber. In order to gain more popularity, Viber needs some more years to become popular. So if you want to select one app among both on the basis of popularity then Skype is the best for you.


Video calling quality of the Skype is much better than the Viber quality in terms of video and voice. Skype uses HD voice feature and upgraded codec, whereas Viber is not as good as Skype. Employees are still working to enhance the quality of the video or voice. So on the basis of quality, Skype is the better option for you.

Hence, Skype is the better option as compared to Viber on the basis of the above criteria.














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